iDispenser (Intelligent dispenser)

When was the last time you passed through a bakery taking a whiff of the freshly baked bread, oh you never planned to indulge…but what could you do with such an inviting smell?

Often times the power of smell is underestimated, however Noam Sobelsty, a scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science says 5% of our DNA is devoted to olfaction, a fact that emphasizes how important our sense of smell is.

Fig1. - Credits Las Vegas Caesars palace lobby

The cloud of chemicals which comes swirling up your nose reaches your key brain regions involved in learning and memory, that is exactly why you tend to positively associate with a place that smells good even after long. It is no new fact that the hospitality industry, the entertainment industry and the health industry have constantly tapped this invaluable sense of smell to effect the human mind in a pleasing manner. Hotel managers at some of the best standing hotels have always tried to create brand image through the sweet smelling roses, or the spicy sandalwood & musk or the exquisitely fresh ocean breeze smell, but have they considered the dollar amount involved in the wastage of these fragrances when no one is around?

Yes, we at Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies Inc., completely understand the almighty dollar and yet your thrill at a customer being extremely pleased with your brand aroma as soon as he enters your palace, hence we have come up with a very lucrative way of doing this – i.e. something called as an intelligent dispenser.

Our intelligent dispenser, a first class one of a kind leadership product is a neat & sleek customizable dispenser equipped with high level machine learning actionable insights and adaptive insights.

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Fig2. - Creditis carnival cruise ships

This smart model soon promises to become your favorite on premise secretary as it knows exactly when to sleep and when to profusely diffuse your arena with the exotic lavenders that you want, as it detects and passes information continuously. You are hot it cools you down, you are cold it spices you up, you are unwell it disinfects you and if you are not there it misses you dreaming away to glory without wasting one penny.

Our product has found its space in the health care industry, cutting down the millions of dollars spent on infectious diseases, intelligent dispenser promises to keep hospitals smelling fresh soothing and disinfecting. It’s a red signal to all the mixed medicine smells! Pediatricians will no longer have a tough time, as kids will now relate to a good hospital experience.

Not failing to mention, the intelligent dispenser will soon be a mandate in large casinos and cruises, or anywhere with a head count that is often extremely high. The intelligent dispenser not only soothes the entire ambience but also can successfully banish germs leaving your customers exhilarated. Happy and healthy is how we like it! Finally, here is a product that turns your ambience in to productive on paper profits.

Autonomous, Self-learning and Intelligent dispenser

We have developed autonomous, self-learning and intelligent perfume dispenser. Once Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are configured, the dispenser starts monitor venue or premise and works autonomously. The autonomous functioning enables 24x7 optimal dispensing cycles. Dispenser applies both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to develop context aware self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) models. The models process operational usage behavior, venue or premises geo-location characteristics, thermal & humidity conditions, historical trends and seasonal factors to create new or modify or update/adopt already developed models. The self-learning enables optimal dispensing cycles and thus improves the overall cost savings and conserves amount of chemical dispensed into environment, leading to more environmental friendly device.

Fig3. - iDispenser Edge Analytics

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