The model prediction is based on the World Bank Commodity Price Data (The Pink Sheet). The time series data of fertilizers are derived from DAP (diammonium phosphate), spot, f.o.b. US Gulf, Phosphate rock , f.o.b. North Africa, Potassium chloride (muriate of potash), f.o.b. Vancouver, TSP (triple superphosphate), spot, import US Gulf, and Urea, (Ukraine), f.o.b. Black Sea. Energy prices are derived from Crude oil, average spot price of Brent, Dubai and West Texas Intermediate, equally weighed and Natural Gas (U.S.), spot price at Henry Hub, Louisiana. Finally, the demand for commodity grain prices are from Barley (U.S.) feed, No. 2, spot, 20 days To-Arrive, delivered Minneapolis from May 2012 onwards; during 1980 – 2012, Maize (U.S.), no. 2, yellow, f.o.b. US Gulf ports, Rice (Thailand), 25% broken, WR, milled indicative survey price, government standard, f.o.b. Bangkok, Sorghum (US), no. 2 milo yellow, Texas export bids for grain delivered to export elevators, rail-truck, f.o.b. Gulf ports, and Wheat (U.S.), no. 1, hard red winter, ordinary protein, export price delivered at the US Gulf port for prompt or 30 days shipment.
Disclaimer: Model is only for experimentation purposes only. Currently in PREVIEW!!!

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